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Getting Around

The state of the Yucatán has so much history to explore; from Cenotes, Mayan ruins, picture perfect towns and architectural gems! Whether you are here for a week, a month or the entire winter, you will never run out of activities to explore.


Car or Scooter

The best way to truly explore the area is with a car. It gives you the flexibility of exploring the local cultural attractions, finding local hidden gems or popping into town to grab an ice cream cone.

 If interested in renting a car, even for part of your stay, please contact us here, and we can offer a quote for your travel dates.

VERY Important Information about Motor Insurance in Mexico

To drive on the roads in Mexico, you must have Mexican car insurance. Your outside insurance, through your credit card or out of the country insurance is not valid when driving on the roads in Mexico. In the rare case that you are in a car accident, an employee from the insurance company must meet at the scene of the accident to deal with paperwork. If you have out of the country insurance, and a representative does not show up on your behalf, you may end up in jail until the situation is sorted out.

Most of the cars rental companies in Mexico don’t include the insurance when offering quotes. So if it seems too good to be true, it often is! Once you arrive to pick up your car, the quote often triples in cost. Always inquire about the complete daily price with the extra fees and insurance.

Parked Motor Scooter


A colectivo or combi van is a Mexican form of public transportation; similar to a ride share. The nice thing about these combi’s is that you can pretty much flag them down from anywhere. If you see one driving on the road, wave it down, and it will stop to pick you up. This is a very convenient and cheap way to travel! However, keep in mind the drivers often cram in as many people as possible; sometimes more than what you thought possible.


Buses are readily available in Puerto Progreso. There is also a bus service from Progreso to Merida with buses running several times a day via Auto Progreso.


If interested in taking a longer trip, check out the ADO website — For easier navigation, use Google Chrome, and you will have an option of having the website translated to English.


There is Uber in the Yucatán Riviera! Even more importantly, they are cheap, available, and often have the friendliest drivers. A one way trip from Chicxulub Puerto to Progreso is only $5 Canadian.




 Readily available at the Merida International Airport or within your chosen towns downtown area. To avoid any over charges, we suggest you come to an agreement on price BEFORE you take a ride.


Bicycle rentals are readily available throughout the Yucatán Riviera at a very reasonable cost. Daily or discounted monthly rates are available. (about $1500MXN per month).

Bike on the Wall

Tip: Before arriving to Mexico, we suggest having your phone unlocked. If you are Canadian, your provider will do it for free. That way, when you arrive, you can pick up a Mexican sim card and use Google Maps (or similar) to explore the beautiful state of the Yucatán; no matter what way of transportation you use.

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